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I love the hair product. For some years now I have been increasingly worried about my hair or more to the point the lack of it.

The thought of having a hair transplant freaks me out a bit and I have been looking for something to give me the ideal look I want without the discomfort, not to mention the high cost of a hair transplant. Your product definitely ticked this box. Inexpensive, easy to apply and fantastic results. Now I have found this great product, I must say I use it often and it has given my confidence a definite boost! Thank you.


I have tried the hair thickener a few times now, it's really quite a special product isn't it?!

I was amazed by how instantly thicker my hair felt after spraying it on as directed, even when I brushed a comb through my hair after applying it just felt like there was more hair there! I also found that when styling I had more volume to my hair, it 'stayed' in place without applying a tonne of hairspray. This is quite important for me as with my job I am auditioning a lot and my hair needs to try and stay put going from casting to casting!

I am also really surprised at how well it applies, at first I think I sprayed a bit too near the scalp and I could see the auburn colour deposit there slightly, which didn't really matter but then I easily got the hang of application. It's also a perfect match colour wise for me. So easy and convenient to use!

From only using the product a couple of times already I am very impressed and it has made me feel a lot more confident when wearing my hair down and it doesn't feel so fly-away.I have had several hair and make up professionals mention to me that although I have a lot of hair it is thinning on top which is a major worry to me but since using AIM I think I have found my solution!

I will continue to use it and see if anyone notices, I haven't said anything to anyone yet, but so far so good!


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